ATTENTION Drywallers: This software has been known to increase the profit of drywall businesses and shorten the amount of hours that drywallers need to work to get the same amount of work done.

After you've entered your project and customer information, and setup your metals, wall types, and cost factors, you'll be within minutes of creating your first bid.

How? With The Drywall Estimator Online Edition!

Our software enables anyone to easily create accurate-to-the-penny drywall bids with materials reporting and job costing in a fraction of the time it used to take -- now with full labor reports and profit forecasting "what-if?" calculators.


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Date: 1-1-2009

From: Allen Jones, E.S.S.

You are about to experience a revolution in drywall estimating. Brought to you by the same Real-World Drywallers that brought you The Drywall Estimator™ Standalone Edition,
our new Online Edition is even better!

It has been designed from the ground up to take the "guesswork" out of creating detailed bids, labor reports, and material lists.

 Simply enter in your:

wall types,
· and a few other customer details,

...and with a few clicks of your mouse, you'll have a professionally designed drywall bid complete with all the details you need to maximize your profits and insure that you're making money, not losing it!


(Here's a sample of one of the many screens in The Drywall Estimator)


"I purchased a copy of your software over a year ago. I use the software extensively and feel it is the best investment I have made in my business. I have found the program to be very user friendly and time effective."

Rodney Bentley - Winston Salem, NC

Accurate bids, labor reports, and materials lists are time consuming to create and prone to excessive errors. Drywall industry professionals have not had the estimating technology to allow full online control over the bid creation process. We knew this, because we've seen and tried just about everything. After evaluating just about every piece of drywall estimating software out there, we realized that there was nothing that would give the drywall contractor the control he or she needed to maximize the efficiancy and profits of their businesses.



(Graphics are shown highly compressed for quick page loading. In the full version they are "crystal clear.")

 Watch the how-to videos and see for yourself!
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When done the manual way, many people unintentionally create inaccurate drywall bids resulting in lost profits and unhappy customers. Our new software changes that by making sure the bids generated are accurate, and easy to comprehend. There is no more guesswork needed. The system is user friendly and easy to use. Here are some of the included features:

· Customer or client database - A place to store information related to your customer, including company information, addresses, contacts, etc. You'll never have to worry about losing the information again. The Drywall Estimator™  Online Edition stores all your customer information for easy access 24/7/365.

· Project and job database - TDE provides a place to store all the information related to your project, such as you labor rate your overhead percentage rate and your profit percentage rate and more.

· New assembly database - Here you have the ability to store your library of wall types. You can use the same wall types for multiple jobs. Once a wall or assembly type has been entered, you can always go back to it to make modifications as needed, or use it to bid future projects. This one really saves you time.

· Metal specification database - Here you have the ability to create and store your library of metals such as stud size, stud gauge, and the cost associated with these different factors. This database can be used over and over eliminating the need to re-enter the same information.

· Custom Wall Type Database - A system to create and store a description of the different wall types. These can also be used from project to project.

· Built-in Soffit Estimation - A system to create a detailed soffit estimate.

· Cost Factor Database - A system for setting your project related cost factors such as framing fasteners, gypsum wallboard, drywall screws, and drywall taping materials. You can change this information at any time and see how the numbers affect your bottom line.

· No Framing Feature - A "no framing" feature that gives you the ability to figure your project for wallboard and finish taping if your project requires you not to provide metal framing.

· Multiple Reports for Printing or Emailing - The ability to create multiple reports. A bid report, a labor report, a labor report detailed, a materials report, a metal stud report, a track, and a customer list report page can all be generated and saved as Adobe Acrobat PDF files for distribution to your suppliers, or customers if desired.

The Drywall Estimator™ Online Edition allows you to create bids as easy as 1-2-3. Our online help tutorial will show you exactly what you need to do to get started, and you can be generating bids in no time!

 Watch the how-to videos and see for yourself!
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The Drywall Estimator™ Online is NOT like those other programs that take hours, days, or weeks to learn how to use. Our software is intuitive, and built by Drywallers for Drywallers in language that is easy to understand, and with a workflow that makes sense! Most of our users find the interface so intuitive that they are able to hit the ground running and create their first bid in a very short amount of time.

Our software was not designed by programmers, but by drywallers who are out in the field, day in and day out, who know exactly where you're coming from.

"This program is a drywallers dream. It was built by working drywall contractors specifically for drywall contractors.

I have doubled my volume of bids from 8 million a year to 16. My percentage of success went from 22% to 34%. My profit margins increased by 15%. My office staff has remained the same, myself and a bookkeeper. I still spend 60 hours a week on the job but I have been able to expand without adding overhead or more hours!

This system will work for you weather you're a two man operation doing residential or a commercial contractor like myself who does Insulation, EIFS, Structural Stud Framing, Interior Metal Framing, Drywall and Acoustical Ceilings.

Thank you Allen and Richard for doing so much to improve our industry and making my job easier and more efficient."

Larry Zurawski, President Advanced Wall Systems, Inc. - Casper, Wyoming

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Creating bids is easy. Once the customer and job information has been entered, you have the ability to create multiple reports with a few clicks of the mouse.

The Reports include: A bid report, a labor report, a labor report detailed, a materials report, a metal stud report, a track, and a customer list report.

Once information has been entered, you are not "locked in" like some other software out there. The Drywall Estimator™ offers the added feature of being able to make changes to your bid before, during, and after your bid has been completed.

Try unlimited 'what if' scenarios by changing your overhead, profit, labor rate, material costs, and by adding or deleting line entries. Trying these "what if" scenarios are as simple as clicking your mouse on a job factor and changing it.

Do you want to know how much more money you would make by marking up your material costs by 1%? It's easy to find out. Or maybe you want to know just how low you can bid a project before you begin losing money? That's easy to find out too with our detailed labor, cost, and job reports. Get your answers almost instantly without having to worry that you may have made a crucial mistake using the old fashioned way - pen, paper and calculator.

Our software allows you to gather Metal Stud, Sheet rocking, Taping & Fire taping labor and materials in one stretch of your scale tape. Talk about easy, it doesn't get much easier than this. (Any easier and it would be even more unfair to your competition)

Once you have completed your bid entries you are virtually done with your bid! No more time will be required to add, subtract, and multiply all of your line entries. At the press of a key all of these tedious tasks will be instantly calculated and ready to view with the reports feature. Mistakes will be a thing of the past!

You will find a immediate return in your investment with the increased productivity and profitability. You can now spend that additional time and revenue managing and building your company, rather than worrying about the hours it will take you to create that bid, and whether or not the end result will be accurate.

*** New Multi-User Edition! *** 

  Multiple members of your company logged in creating bids at one time? YES! You can all share the same materials database so that no time is wasted re-entering in data. Access restrictions can be placed on any user limiting them to only view reports, or full bid creations. A central administrator can add and delete accounts at will.

 Watch the how-to videos and see for yourself!
(will open in a new window)

Is your computer down, or do you need to use someone elses computer or the library's? Not a problem as this application is accessible via any web browser from just about any computer system in the world! (Internet connection required)

By using The Drywall Estimator™ Online, you'll know for sure that your numbers are good, and your customer data is safe. Bid the jobs you want with laser-like precision, and get them.

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Members receive a username and password to login to their Control Panel. All your customer information, bids, custom assemblies, custom wall-types, and reports are specific to your company and completely private and secure.

No one has access to your company information unless you decide to create an account for them. (Additional membership accounts can be purchased for significant discounts so that more than one estimator can work at the same time, with the same customer databases and bid information.)

FULL Backups of all your company data so even if your computer crashes, we've got your data stored safely.


  Our 100% No Risk Guarantee

I want you to be successful! And since my reputation is at stake with every Membership purchased, here's my 100% No Risk Guarantee that certainly makes your buying decision a no-brainer:

Give the Drywall Estimator™ Online a try for 30 days. If after viewing the help videos and creating a bid you don't agree that it can help you win the bids of more customers while minimizing the time you spend creating them, simply cancel your subscription plan within 30 days by clicking the link in your member's section, and you will not be automatically billed for the yearly membership. 

If you cancel your membership after the 30 day trial period has passed and you have already been billed for the yearly membership, your refund will be pro-rated with a 1 month minimun charge.

By signing up for a membership today, you are taking a giant leap towards a faster more accurate way of doing business.

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Try it and see for yourself what The Drywall Estimator™ Online can do for your business. We're confident that you will see it as your "secret weapon" and agree that the subscription fees are almost nothing compared with the benefits you will experience. For less than the price of a couple of movie tickets and popcorn, you could save yourself hours upon hours of work each and every month. Saving time means saving money. Whether you want to spend that extra time with your kids, spouse, or just relaxing doing what you want to do, T.D.E. Online can help you get there.


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Free Bonus Gift #5 (Priceless Value) Piece of mind
Yes, we think we can give you that too. The piece of mind that knowing your bids are organized, under control, and accessible at a moments notice from any internet-connected computer in the world.

You know that faster, more accurate bidding means more profits. No one will argue that. Combine that with professional looking printouts and detailed reports, full customer contact database and one-glance project organization will be like landing the knockout blow to your competition. Our "What if?" calculator is like having an accountant who tells you how much you could make if you modified any aspect of the bid, including project cost factors such as materials cost, labor costs, and overhead or on any item in the bid. (Except you don't have to pay an accountants fees!)

There are many features that we don't have the space to outline here, like adding your company logo to your bid reports, and emailing directly from the reports screens. We highly encourage you to explore the application yourself to see just how powerful it really is.

Best of Success,

Allen Jones, E.S.S. President

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P.S.- You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Find out for yourself how The Drywall Estimator™  Online Edition  makes it easier than ever before to generate accurate, highly customizable drywall bids in record time.

P.P.S. Our service is tax-deductable -- Why wait? Get your membership now and you can create your first bid just minutes after receiving your login information!